Winter Soldier - Rule the World

just barely in time for the blu-ray/dvd release tomorrow

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this is absolutely illegal and i will not stand for this amount of law breaking

Look at this fluffy piece of shit. It is so fucking cute. I am using foul language to describe my agony


Omg girlfran is you

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RIP Robin. You were one of my heroes. I hope you find Neverland.

RIP Robin. You were one of my heroes. I hope you find Neverland.

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Don’t normally post about my problems but…

[Trigger Warning: Creep]

After a bit of a rocky start in which my neighborhood sounded like an air raid (a good twenty or so sirens it seemed), and the cat thumping the door because he desperately wanted my shoe…

Today was pretty awesome. Got dressed, looked good, felt pretty good too. In the last two years, I’ve lost 75lbs, so I feel like I look good enough to seriously dress up sometimes. Today was one of those days. Vintage polka dot top which showed off a bit of cleavage (nothing much’ll hide that, what with them being 38DDD), and a wrap top I got from ren faire, short jean shorts, high combat boots and knee socks. I thought I looked pretty good.

Drove out to Sally Beauty Supply for some hair stuff, mostly bleach for my boyfriend’s douchebag-cutie chef  costume— ‘scuse me, Guy Fieri cosplay. Got everything, was treated nicely. Went out to upgrade some things for a phone game I play called Ingress, which involves a lot of jokey trash-talk between me and Tessa as we drive around downtown, and playing punky or cheerful music. When we were done, we got Coldstone. Mmm. Nice little treat.

And then we decided to stop on the way home at Walmart to pick up a new scale because our old one is psychotic…

And the creepingest creeper was at the register. It seemed fine at first, he was a little more talkative than I’m used to, but no big deal, it’s a single item transaction, and I use the card machine. Which was when I noticed his eyes had gone to and not left my chest.

I refuse to apologize for my boobs or my cleavage. I couldn’t possibly cover up enough to make them inoffensive to anyone who might find them so nor enough to stop someone from creepin’. And why should I anyway?

He talked longer and longer, held onto the scale box so long my girlfriend had to yank it out of his hand, and said directly to my chest that it was “so wonderful that the two of you came into to see us”. She even had to demand the receipt as I’m standing there in shock, and he repeats himself as we were walking away. Never mind that his nails were so long that it made me physically feel ill.

I was so creeped out on the way out of the store and it’s only gotten worse. I’ve never ever been creeped on and considered myself extremely lucky.

And now I’m home, bundled to the eyeballs, fighting off a panic attack, and very grateful my girlfriend purchased me this Captain America hoodie two years ago so that I can pretend he’s giving me a hug. I’ve been triggered before but never by someone’s direct actions and words before. Ever.

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I know this feeling right now.

I know this feeling right now.

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J.C. Leyendecker, The Butterfly Couple (1923)

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Level 35
XP bonus: 1,000,000
Weapons: Level 80 gilded stylus, Level 87 crossbow/longbow pair
Armor: Level 80 hoodie/sunglasses/jeans combination
Special Move(s): Super Stun, Fast Car, Artify

Achievement Unlocked: KUNG FU GRIP MASTERED


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